Gugulethu fun run

Here is a something unusual way to celebrate heritage day. Go for a 10km run through Gugulethu. I have driven past Gugulethu (or “Gugs” as it is locally known) many times, but I have rarely being inside, and certainly not on foot. It was a fantastic experience. Since we were basically running through the streets of a township, we had loads of wonderful supporters, screaming, shouting and blowing on their vuvuzelas to edge us on.


The run started at 7am, so as we ran through the streets, we got to watch the area wake up, with local “spaza” shops opening, taxis operating with their sound systems on full volume, fires being stocked for breakfast cooking, and entrepreneurs on every corner, finding ways to make an income.

running through "Gugs"

I didn’t take my camera with me (a heavy SLR was not going to be a good idea while running 10km), but I had my trusty phone with me, which gave me a great opportunity for some street shots. My time was 1:08, which considering all the photostops was not bad at all. Over 7 min faster than my last 10km, so I am very happy.

Here are all the photos.

So if you have nothing else to do on Heritage Day next year, why not head off to Gugs and join me on the fun run?


Going cycling

I missed the Argus Cycle tour this year,  but watching the race has finally inspired me to get back onto my bike! Yesterday I went for a 45km cycle, as I did last weekend as well! I hope that I keep it up, because I plan to be back in the race next year.

You may have noticed me mentioning the howling South-Easter on this blog, but for the next couple of months the wind dies down completely. It is the best time to go cycling. The early mornings are wonderfully cool, and completely wind-free.

Argus Cycle Tour photos

This year I was not riding the Argus Cycle Tour, but that did not stop me from being on the side of the road taking photos, and offering some support to the 35000 cyclists that races that 109km route around Cape Town.

Both last year and the year before had absolutely shocking weather, with the wind hitting over 120km/h at some places. Well, bad luck did not come in threes. The weather was warm with a gentle cooling breeze just managing to  take the edge off the heat. Absolutely perfect weather for cycling.

To the person that stopped and chatted to me on the side of the road. No, Boyes Drive is not the second worst hill on the race, in fact it hardly counts as a hill. Smits, Chapman’s Peak and Suikerbossie are far, far worse.  But I couldn’t tell you only 25km out that the worst hills were still to come.

Speeding Union Jack


Pausing on the hill


A cyclist speeding along Boyes Drive

Cyclists at the top of one of the many hills on Boyes Drive

Wednesday evening sailing

Yesterday it was:

1) a very hot day
2) the last week of holidays for many people
3) a Wednesday

This can only mean one thing: a bumper Wednesday evening cruise at False Bay Yacht Club. I counted over 30 yachts out on the water enjoying the wonderful weather. I was stuck in my car, but how I would have loved to be out there.

Body boarding at Melkbos

I spent that afternoon on Sunday at a Braai with friends in Melkbos, and while I was there I managed to sneak away to the beach for a few minutes. The weather was perfect for body-boarding, and the waves were full of people enjoying the sun and thrill of the sport.

It is a long time since I was last on a body-board, but looking at these folks enjoying the water make me very tempted to find a board and join them.

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