The guilty party

One of the joys of spring in Cape Town is the wonderful spring flowers. One of the perils of sprint in Cape Town is the wonderful spring flowers. We have over 9000 species of flowering plants in Cape Town, and the wonderful brightly coloured flowers are seen all over Cape Town in spring.

But these flowers cause an extremely high pollen count, which of course is not good for hay-fever suffers like myself. This spring, it was so bad that it put me into bed for two entire days (even missing a friend’s birthday party). I am finally over the worst of it, and I really hope that is it for this year!


I saw a whole bed of these wonderful spring flowers growing outside Tygervalley shopping centre, and the spring Namaqualand Flowers are already in full bloom. It truly seems like we are having an early spring, very strange for July.

An early spring?

One of my desert plans has burst into bloom. Although the shortest day this year was just a few days ago, it is a little early for spring flowers. Winter is far from over, but I shall enjoy the brief respite and dash of colour in my garden before the rain and cold come back for another month.