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This is the Olympic Stadium from the 1896 Olympic Games, on the site of the original games. It was also recently used for archery in the 2004 games.

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Of course, I had to run a lap around the track (which you are allowed to do). This is me in my Cape Town Marathon shirt and Luna running sandals, which seemed kind of fitting.

HDR Travel

Last night I went to the Red Hot Chili Peppers gig at Cape Town Stadium, and while I was not able to take my SLR with me (and my trusty fully charged point and shoot’s battery mysteriously died), I was still able to snap this panaroma off on my phone.

Not too bad for a phone.

Cape Town Stadium

Cape Town

The folks at Cape Town Helicopters give me a flip in one of their choppers on Saturday to do a photoshoot. It was a cool and crystal-clear day perfect for shooting.

Table Mountain with Lion’s Head on the right, the harbour in the front.

Cape Town Stadium, with Lion’s Head and Table Mountain in the background.

Cape Town Stadium with the city bowl in the background.

The Camps Bay and Clifton beaches, with Hout Bay in the distance.

You can do a flip for less that R600, and while that is a lot of money, it is an amazing and unforgettable experience. Highly recommended. Cape Town Helicopters have a 100% safety record, so I am sure you are in good hands.


Disclosure: my flight was free, but the opinions and photos are mine.

Cape Town

U2 Live in Cape Town

U2 played in Cape Town last night. Lois, myself and approx 61998 other people went to watch them paying at Cape Town Stadium. This was my first time in the stadium, and it was a fantastic venue. Everything just went smoothly. The queues at the bar were short, seats were easy to find; people were behaving and just having a great party. Of course, U2 put on a great show.

U2 in Cape Town, complete with resizable TV screen

There was a “no professional camera” rule, so I figured that my old Canon 350D with a 50mm lens (my nifty-fifty) didn’t really count as a professional camera, so I managed to get in a few nice shots.

U2 Live in Cape Town

I am not U2’s biggest fan, but they have done some great songs over the years, and their gig was amazing! If you look at the stage, you can see that it is actually a 360 degree stage, going around in a complete circle with the audience all around the stage. The TV screen above the stage was also panoramic.

U2 Live in Cape Town

Although it was (of course) a rock concert, it came with a pretty awesome light show as well; using the strange spider-like covering as a backdrop from some pretty stunning lighting.

U2 Live in Cape Town; suppport act Amadou and Mariam

I don’t know if they are going to your city on this tour; but if they are get some tickets. It will be a great show!

U2 playing beneath the spider

This was my fist time in Cape Town Stadium, and although it does not look that huge from the inside, there were over 62000 people inside, it is massive!

U2 Live in Cape Town, 360 degree TV screen

Cape Town

I was presenting at a training session at one of the meeting rooms in Newlands Cricket Stadium today, and I just happened to have my camera with me :-)

Here are two photos.

Click on the photo to get some of the detail (but it is really big)

The first is a stitched perspective of the stadium, and the second of the main stand.

Cape Town Travel

Cds newlandslights 2

These are the lights at Newlands Cricket Stadium; there are a total of four sets of lights, which are used for the night games.

Cape Town HDR

Here are two photos; the first of Cape Town Stadium (which hosted the recent Germany/Argentina game), and Newlands Rugby Stadium, which has a history as far back as 1890. Look at the difference in the architecture, the round modern look, and the “70’s” square look.

Which do you prefer?

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Cape Town Stadium (above)

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Detail of Cape Town Stadium

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Newlands Rugby Stadium

Cds IMG 9498
And detail of Newlands

Cape Town