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Looking up a beautiful flight of stairs in Warsaw Castle.


This will be my final post of the Cape Town Club (well at least for now). I love these old stairs – they remind me of the art by MC Escher (he used to draw the strange staircases that started and ended at the same place). If you have read Neverwhear by Neil Gaiman (if not you should – it is a great book), you will remember the “Down Street” section of the book, and these stairs really look like they could be Down Street.

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Cape Town HDR

I love the underside of interesting staircase – who can tell me where it is?

(hint it is in Cape Town)

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Cape Town

The Escher-like Grand Stairs at the Vienna Opera House. I love the lines and angles, it is beautiful architecture and attention to detail.
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HDR Travel

The main staircase going into the auditorium of the Opera House. It is a beautiful old building.Royal opera house

HDR Travel

A businessman walks down a long flight of stairs between meetings.