Mother statue

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On one of my Aegina runs, I came across this interesting statue (and this is one of the great things about going running on holiday – you see all sorts of interesting things). I did some research after my run, and I realised that it is directly opposite the Kapralos Museum. Kapralos was a famous Greek artist, and the copper statue symbolizes the Greek mother, a woman who toils in devotion to her family.

You can find out more about Kapralos here.

Johann Strauss Statue in Stad Park

In my previous post, I showed the flower-clock in Stad Park in Vienna. If you walk a little beyond the clock you will see a wonderful statue of Johann Strauss (i.e. junnour) playing the violin. Imagine him playing the Blue Danube as you sit and listen to his music. The statue looks like it is made from solid gold, but it is gilded – a very thin layer of gold has been applied to the bronze statue. It lights up the whole park in the sun.

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