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One of the benefits of a blind wife is the ability to get to places that are normally out of bounds. So when we visited Stonehenge a few years ago, we were immediately taken into the off-limits area, and while there I got some great shots of this remarkable circle of stones.


This shot was also shot on 35mm film, we got some great views of Stonehenge “from the inside”, and even got to touch and feel the stones.



Stonehenge; one from the archives, found on a backup CD from years ago. Minor photoshop tweaking required :-)

I probably took the picture around 2000, on a trip to Salisbury, taken on my father’s 35mm Pentax SLR camera :-) While this shot is tone-mapped, it is not a true HDR in that only one exposure was used.

If you have not been to Stonehenge you should visit it, it is a magical place.

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