Cape Minstrels

Cape Minstrels, 2nd new year’s parade. They are a noisy and colourful spectacle to watch, but the organization is poor. You can stand around for hours and see a few groups come past. Then there is nothing for a while, and then another group.

Cape Minstrels, 2nd new year's parade
Painted face

And here is #2 from the carnival in Cape Town
Painted face

And here is #3 from the carnival in Cape Town
Dancing in the street


Still playing around with the high-contrast black and white conversions, this was taken right the other side of the world in Las Vegas. This was somebody was sleeping on a stone bench somewhere along the strip. No doubt he had nowhere else to sleep. Of course I am grateful to not be in that particular situation.


I would love some feedback on this technique. Does it work, too much, too little? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Sitting on a chair

I have been playing around with black and white conversion of some of my photos. Specifically using dodge and burn to bring out the contrast and detail in pictures. These are two of my results.

Sitting on a chair

This was taken on Greenmarket Square, a trading area in the Cape Town city centre. This man was sitting on an office chair in the middle of the street, reading the morning newspaper. If you look closely, you can read the headlines “public whipping”.

People of Cape Town

For several years I worked in the city bowl (our “downtown” area), and I really miss it. It is so vibrant and alive; full of interesting people. There is always something happening, and I used to love wandering around the streets at lunch time absorbing the colourful spectrum that is Cape Town.

So today when I was about 1/2 hour early for a meeting in the city bowl, I grabbed my point and shoot and I hit the streets (I don’t carry my SLR all the time). I am also trying to focus on people, which is why I took these three shots on the street.

Reading the paper

This man set-up his chair, and sat reading the paper in the middle of a pedestrian road. I think that some people read the newspaper as much to read the news as because it is a way of life for them.


An art seller, just chilling and waiting for the next crowd of tourists to arrive. Notice the office chair on the pavement.


This stall-holder looked very happy, enjoying the sun in the brief bit of sunlight we had today, sitting in a 70’s style chair. I love shooting people, they always leave me wondering where they come from, what they are thinking, how they got to be where they are, and where they may be in the future. Thank you to partypoker for this post. They offer a bonus of up to $500 with your first deposit. And it is certainly cheaper that travelling all the way to Vegas to gamble. And of course you will be helping me to shoot more pictures.

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