A day at the races

An early bunch

An early group

Be careful what you wish for, because you might get it.  On Sunday I wished for a wind-free day, and that is exactly what I got. However I didn’t wish for the temperature to go over 40 deg C, but it did!

By  now you probably know that I cycled in the Pick n Pay Cape Argus Cycle Tour on Sunday. This was my 6th tour, and I clearly have an ability to pick interesting weather. Oh, how I would love to have a race in cool and wind-free weather.  But not this year! Just to give you an example of some of the recent tours  that I have completed:

  • 2012: temperature peaked at 42 deg C
  • 2010: howling wind (but not as bad as 2009)
  • 2009: howling wind (over 120km/h – higher that what I experienced in hurricane Irene in USA 2011)
  • 2006: rained (and crashed but still finished)

Maybe, just maybe next year will be great weather.

Waiting before the start

Relaxing before the start

While I didn’t take any pictures on the road, here are a couple (mostly) from the start line, and all on my phone (no my SLR does not go on the race with me). I hope this gives you a small taste of the feeling of being part of the 31324 cyclists that finished. There are so many people that while the first cyclists leave at 6:15am, the last leave after 10:30am which is after the first cyclists  have already finished!

At the start line

My group starting to assemble at the start line

The race leaves in groups of about 500, spread out every few minutes. My group left at 9:16am, and it was already sweltering. I drank over 9l water on the route, which is about what I usually drink in an entire week.

Waiting for the start

At the start line, about 5 minutes before my group started on the 110km route

Cycle tour medal

The end, now I can relax for the next year, or at least until the 2 Oceans half marathon next month.

Gugulethu fun run

Here is a something unusual way to celebrate heritage day. Go for a 10km run through Gugulethu. I have driven past Gugulethu (or “Gugs” as it is locally known) many times, but I have rarely being inside, and certainly not on foot. It was a fantastic experience. Since we were basically running through the streets of a township, we had loads of wonderful supporters, screaming, shouting and blowing on their vuvuzelas to edge us on.


The run started at 7am, so as we ran through the streets, we got to watch the area wake up, with local “spaza” shops opening, taxis operating with their sound systems on full volume, fires being stocked for breakfast cooking, and entrepreneurs on every corner, finding ways to make an income.

running through "Gugs"

I didn’t take my camera with me (a heavy SLR was not going to be a good idea while running 10km), but I had my trusty phone with me, which gave me a great opportunity for some street shots. My time was 1:08, which considering all the photostops was not bad at all. Over 7 min faster than my last 10km, so I am very happy.

Here are all the photos.

So if you have nothing else to do on Heritage Day next year, why not head off to Gugs and join me on the fun run?


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