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There was a beautiful winter sunrise this morning over Zandvlei.

Cds IMG 3037 Pano 2

Cape Town

Good morning. There was the most beautiful sunrise this morning, with the sunbeams shining down through the clouds into the mist, with the distant mountain peaks in the distance.


Cape Town

We are having a lovely sunny break in the middle of a very wet winter, but some of us are looking a little like dinosaurs; especially this tree.

Enjoy the sunrise.

Jurassic Sunrise

Cape Town

Reflective Sunrise

Another lovely sunrise after a very wet few stormy days. I think that we are still going to have some more storms, and that this was just a brief interlude. The green belt around the vlei is completely waterlogged. Even the ducks have started using the puddles as paddling pools.

Cape Town South Africa

Mosque at sunrise

Cape Town has a large Muslim population, and at the moment many of my friends and colleagues are observing the month-long sunrise to sunset fast during the month of Ramadan. While I don’t think that I could survive fasting every day for a month, I have a great deal of respect for my friends that can. It must take tremendous will-power.

While I usually steer away from politics or religion (and the two are tied tightly together), one of the things I love about living in South Africa is the enormous tolerance the different religions have for each other.  It may be naive to say that we judge people by their character, and not by their social, religious or political background. But I feel that (perhaps because of our history), South Africans are  accepting of differences than many other countries.

This photo is of one of the many Mosques in Cape Town.

Cape Town

Cloudy sunrise

Yeah I know. Another sunrise, but they are just so great at the moment. I really love the clouds in this one, which I why I have posted it. Hope you enjoy it!

Cape Town

Brushed cloudy sunrise

Well, sunrises just rock at this time of year; I just can’t help myself! Hope you enjoy it, we have having wonderful weather in Cape Town after the very wet time we had last weekend.

Cape Town

Sunrise in Lakeside

At this time of the year, the sun rises and sets with the most amazing colours in the sky. And the few clouds in the sky today make for the most amazing sunrise shots. This particular show was a panorama of 2 shots taken on my compact, caught on the way to work.

I just think that Cape Town is the most amazing place to live, with views like this literally 100m from my front door.

Cape Town

I caught this shot coming into JFK airport at about 5:30 in the morning, just before we landed. The view is looking up towards Long Island, in the general Boston Direction.

This was taken with the point and click, but considering the circumstances, I think that it came out ok.


This early morning winter sunrise was taken early this morning with my new Canon 10-22mm wide-angle lens. I don’t know why it is not raining, but I am enjoying the unexpected sunshine.

Cape Town