With the wonderful warm days we have been having, the wild flowers have been bursting into colourful blooms, and disappearing as the sun goes down. This shot is of the wild grass growing on the side of the road in Muizenberg. The verges are covered in these bright flowers as far as the eye can see. And adding that starburst effect you get when shooting directly into the sun, it makes for an interesting shot.

Flowery Sunset

Langebaan at sunset

Yesterday I posted a photo of Langebaan lagoon on a really calm morning. Although it was freezing cold, the still weather continued throughout the day, and we did not have any wind at all. We were also blessed with a glorious sunset, so I grabbed my camera (this time the SLR), and rushed down to the water’s edge to grab a shot or two.

Here are some of the results.

Boats on Langebaan lagoon at sunset

Boat on the lagoon at sunset

Long exposure of Langebaan Lagoon

Long exposure of Langebaan Lagoon

Long exposure of Langebaan Lagoon

Golden light; another long exposure of Langebaan Lagoon

(another) sunset

We celebrated my friend Gill’s birthday at Bihari’s in Milnerton. This upstairs restaurant has a wonderful view of Table Bay and Lions Head. I caught this shot just after the sun had set.

The restaurant was a little strange in that they had an amazing Italian espresso machine, but no coffee in stock with which to use it! That is a little like owning a racing car and not putting any petrol into the tank.

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