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In my previous post, I mentioned the oldest theatre in the world – here it is. The Theatre of Dionysius was build around 500BC, with a capacity of about 17000 people. Imagine sitting here 2500 years ago, watching the latest theatre productions.

Cds IMG 3274


Masey Ferguson tractor

Yes I know, I simply cannot help myself. If I see a tractor I simply have to take a photo of it. I still think that they have so much character, especially the old ones that clearly have such a story to tell. In fact when my friend Dawn saw the shot, she said

…our ancient most beloved Masey Ferguson tractor

And she is right. This old girl (and yes this tractor is a girl – at least I say so) looks like she has literally been around the block a few times. I am glad that she is in good hands now with Dawn and Roger, making a small contribution to their amazing spirits at Jorgensen’s Distillery.

Cape Town HDR

John Deer Tractors

In another life I was a tractor driver. I don’t know why, but there is something ultimately (yet strangely) cool about tractors. Anybody got one for me to have a spin on?

If you want to buy me one, these were taken at Agrico in Cape Town

Cape Town

There is a John Deere dealership that I drive past everyday on the way to work, and I have been wanting to take a few shots of the tractors for ages. Ok, so I would love to drive one, but I will settle for taking a photo or two. This HDR shot is of the 7930 tractor that was sitting in the field.

He reminds me of a mix between a Stephen King novel, and the tractors in the movie Cars (and yes this tractor is a he). Although he does not look that big, this guy a monster. The back wheels are bigger that I am, and you have to climb a short step-ladder to get into the cab. He probably digs holes even faster that Emily!

My knowledge of tractors is basically nothing, so here is some info if you want to find out more.

Cape Town HDR