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Gorlit train station has been in many movies. In particular “The Book Thief” and “Alone in Berlin”. The art-deco building and period platforms are wonderful places to take pics (and the train service is excellent as well).


Two metro stations.

The first one is Brandenburg Tor, with the old gothic Unter den Linden sign under it. In the cold-war, West-German trains went through parts of East-Germany, and in particular through this station. But they never stopped at any of these so-called “ghost-stations” that were closed and guarded.

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The second sign is Alexanderplatz in East-Berlin, an area that today is one of the bussiest districts in Berlin.

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The steam train came past just as I was arriving home from my morning run yesterday. It is great that there are still people enthuastic about keeping little pieces of the age of steam alive. If you want to go for a ride, chat to Atlantic Rail.

Cape Town

The signbar of Muizenberg trainstation, with False Bay and Simonstown in the background. If you travel on the trains in Cape Town, you will see these signs at every station.

Cape Town

Believe it or not, Cape Town still has a steam train or two in operation. This particular train belongs to Atlantic Rail, and they run a service every Sunday from Cape Town to Simonstown and back. She is a Class 24 locomotive (No. 3655), and is so majestic as she drives past.

At R220 per person it is an expensive trip, but it still looks like a very civilised way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

You can book or find out more details on the Atlantic Rail website.

Cape Town