Two metro stations

Two metro stations.

The first one is Brandenburg Tor, with the old gothic Unter den Linden sign under it. In the cold-war, West-German trains went through parts of East-Germany, and in particular through this station. But they never stopped at any of these so-called “ghost-stations” that were closed and guarded.

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The second sign is Alexanderplatz in East-Berlin, an area that today is one of the bussiest districts in Berlin.

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Steam Trains in Cape Town

Believe it or not, Cape Town still has a steam train or two in operation. This particular train belongs to Atlantic Rail, and they run a service every Sunday from Cape Town to Simonstown and back. She is a Class 24 locomotive (No. 3655), and is so majestic as she drives past.

At R220 per person it is an expensive trip, but it still looks like a very civilised way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

You can book or find out more details on the Atlantic Rail website.

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