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I took this photo of this old tree a few years ago, but I love the textures in the photo, and the contrast between the smooth mist and the gnarled bark and sharp edges of the tree.

Cape Town

It’s impossible to visit Greece and not see hundreds of Olive trees; no really – it is quite literally impossible. Olive trees grow just about everywhere. Sometimes we found ourselves walking through squashed olives that had fallen off a tree growing in the middle of the city, and in the country there are thousands of olive groves everywhere!

This particular grove was on one of my running routes in Vagia, Aegina; I ran past it several times, and to me it looks like the perfect spot to lay a blanket, and to sit and enjoy a picnic with some feta cheese, a few olives, and of course a carafe or two of Greek wine.

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Cds 2015 10 17 17 56 37
You cannot go anywhere in Greece without seeing an olive tree. They grow in the middle of the sidewalks in Athens, in people’s gardens, and in Olive Groves all over the landscape.

I found this particular olive grove just outside Vagia, a small village on the island of Aegina. There were probably about 20 olive trees – neatly spaces apart and well maintained.

It looks like the perfect spot to take a bottle of local wine, some cheese, a book and a blanket. Although I am sure that would have resulted in a grumpy landowner.

But still, a lovely spot to spend a few minutes.


We are having a lovely sunny break in the middle of a very wet winter, but some of us are looking a little like dinosaurs; especially this tree.

Enjoy the sunrise.

Jurassic Sunrise

Cape Town

This row of palm trees provides a little shelter to the vlei from the ceaseless South-Easter. While they do look a little out of place on Zandvlei, I still rather like them.

Cape Town South Africa

We had a late breakfast on Sunday at the Jonkershuis restaurant at Groot Constantia wine farm. Groot Constantia dates back to 1685, when the land was granted to Simon van der Stel.

It is still a very active wine farm, and also a big tourist attraction. The restaurant has a lovely outside seating area, and children and dogs are welcome to go along as well and enjoy the shade under the oak trees. There are also a few nice walking paths around the farm.

While my breakfast was very tasty, I was did find the portions very small (Lois had scrambled egg & toast, and only got 1 piece of toast), and I still had lunch when I got home. I did think that at R60+ for breakfast they could be a little more generous.

Having said all that, the view from the restaurant is wonderful, it is the oldest wine farm in South Africa, and it was a wonderful morning.

Cape Town

I posted a shot a few days ago of Dan Patlansky playing at Kirstenbosch. Here is a shot that I took on the way back to my car. This is actually the main path between the carpark and the concert area, but it just looks so inviting and refreshing. You have to wonder what is waiting just around the corner. Well I am not going to tell you. You shall have to visit the gardens yourself if you wish to find out.

Cape Town