Swietokrzyski Bridge

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The Swietokrzyski Bridge (don’t ask me to pronounce that – it means Holy Cross) is a suspension bridge across the Vistula river in Warsaw. I took these two pics when I went for an afternoon run to explore the city. I love the converging lines that the support cable create as they climb to meet in the sky.

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Warsaw Barbican

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The Warsaw Barbican was created as the city gate in the 1500’s as part of a general repair of the city walls. It was designed by Jan Baptist, a Venetian. You can clearly see the Venetian style in the design. The irony is that the city walls became useless almost as soon as they were repaired. This was due to modern cannon which could blow straight through the walls.

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There’s a great Wikipedia article if you want to find out more.

Protecting Warsaw

The mermaid of Warsaw stands on the banks of the Vistula river, providing protection for the city. She has been on the city cost of arms at least since the 1300’s, but nobody really knows the full history, but the main story has it that she was swimming in the river, paused on the riverbank to rest and decided to stay..

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Here she is on Old Town Square; if you look carefully you can find her image all over the city.

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Legend has it that the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen is the Warsaw mermaid’s sister.

Read all about her.

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