Fish market in Aegina town

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It is so easy to get fresh fish in Aegina; every restaurant has a great selection of local and fresh fish. In the middle of town there is a small fish market, surrounded by little seafood restaurants, and the fish is fantastic!

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One of the restaurants outside the fish market. I don’t recall the name of the fish that I ate, but it was a huge plate of really small sardine-like fish with soft bones. I just ate the entire fish, and they were really good! I am getting hungry just remembering my meal.

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  1. Takes me back to one of my many visits to Greece. It was 42C and I had just returned to Pireus after a bit of island hopping. It was too warm for me, but I found some shade in the fish market where I bought water bottle after water bottle gulping everything down as quick as I could.

    March 30, 2017

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