Silvermine nature reserve

My brother and sister in law have been on holiday in Cape Town for the past couple of weeks, so I have spend a lot of time acting as an impromptu tour guide. So for today’s trip we decided to go for a walk around the reservoir in the Silvermine nature reserve, and for a walk along one of the many hiking trails.

My SLR was a little heavy to carry around the mountain trails so I just took my point and shoot and I think that this shot is more proof that the best camera is the one you have with you.


With the wonderful warm days we have been having, the wild flowers have been bursting into colourful blooms, and disappearing as the sun goes down. This shot is of the wild grass growing on the side of the road in Muizenberg. The verges are covered in these bright flowers as far as the eye can see. And adding that starburst effect you get when shooting directly into the sun, it makes for an interesting shot.

Flowery Sunset

(not) Valentine’s day flowers

Valentine's day

As you can gather I am not big on Valentine’s day. I buy Lois flowers because I choose to, not because of commercial and social pressure (yeah boring I know). So yes I buy her flowers; just not on Feb 14th.

So when the Fro sent out a challenge to shoot a creative Valentine’s Day shot, I jumped right in. This picture gives a different perspective on Valentines day. I think that it works. What do you think?

ps: please don’t try this at home

The guilty party

One of the joys of spring in Cape Town is the wonderful spring flowers. One of the perils of sprint in Cape Town is the wonderful spring flowers. We have over 9000 species of flowering plants in Cape Town, and the wonderful brightly coloured flowers are seen all over Cape Town in spring.

But these flowers cause an extremely high pollen count, which of course is not good for hay-fever suffers like myself. This spring, it was so bad that it put me into bed for two entire days (even missing a friend’s birthday party). I am finally over the worst of it, and I really hope that is it for this year!

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