Final approach

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I once spent a few minutes on a retired World War 2 amphibious military personnel carrier, floating on the Potomac River, directly on the landing path of aeroplanes landing at Dulles International Airport.

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Looking back I’m a little surprised that we are allowed at all; I’m sure it would have been a security risk for the airport.

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Well it was a great opportunity to shoot he planes, with a camera of course.

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The boat was a DC Duck, which provides a unique way to tour Washington DC. You drive around the streets for a bit, then you drive straight into the river for a short river cruise, than back onto the road to where you zstarted!

Flying high

These shots were taken at the Silver Falcons anniversary celebration on Friday. I was lucky enough to attend and to get shots of them in action.

Silver Falcons

Flying High in a DA40

This is the last of the current batch of USA shots.

One of the highlights (excuse the pun) of our time in Delaware was our flight in Marc’s aeroplane. He is the proud owner of a Diamond Air DA40 aeroplane, which is incredibly cute! We took off from Wilmington Airport, and took a 40 minute trip over Delaware Bay.

DA-40 during the pre-flight check

A technical aside, for those of you that say the iPad is just a toy, the flight plan was logged using an iPad, and maps of the airport, runways and flight were on the iPad during the flight (in addition to the Garmin flight deck stuff in the aircraft).


Ready to go – (Photo by Lois Strachan)

The trip was great fun an uneventful (which is a good thing), two days later we were braced down for Huricane Irene, so it was a good interlude with the wonderful weather.

HDR shot of the aircraft, a copy is now on the wall in Marc’s study :-)

Coming in to land on runway 19 (ie 190 degrees on the map).

While the runway looked very short, it can easily land a 737, it is over 2km long. The trip was fantastic, and definitely a highlight of our trip. Thanks to Marc for taking us on the trip, and a huge thanks to both Marc and Patti for looking after us so  well during our (extended) trip. Hope to do more flying soon.


 Last shot, just before takeoff

Plane spotting


SA Express flight landing; they serve the smaller regional routes

Aeroplanes taking off and landing remind me of my love to travel, and although I was in Italy just a few months ago, yesterday mane me feel itchy. I was assisting with a training session in Parow, and the venue was right above the flight path of the aeroplanes landing at Cape Town International Airport.

This was an opportunity for taking some shots of the landing planes.

Mango, yes we do have an airline called Mango. They are a no frills low budget carrier.

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