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Some strange animals are grazing on the lawn of the Krasinski Palace in Warsaw. It has lovely gardens behind it which are perfect for a stroll, and in the front these strange animals.


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The Palace on the Water, or Lazienki Palace in Polish, is in the middle of Warsaw Baths Park. It was originally built as a bath house, and later converted into a private residence.

It is build on an artificial island in the middle of the lake, dividing the lake into 2. I (quite literally) ran across it while going for a long run in Warsaw. The surrounding park has many spots where you can have a nice picnic, or just sit on the grass while admiring the facade of the palace.

Of historical interest it is one of the few buildings that was not destroyed in World War 2. The German army drilled holes in the walls to blow it, but never got around to it.

The palace is open to visitors.


An HDR shot of the The Palace of Science and Technology in Warsaw. I love the way the top of the tower pokes into the dark thunder clouds, just waiting for the lightning bolt. Although that is an artifact of the HDR processing; if you look closely at the people in the foreground most of them are in summer clothing.

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What better way to explore the Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna than to turn it into a training run as well? The grounds are huge (over 120 acres), so you can easily walk several kilometres to see everything. So why not run it? I ran over 6k in the grounds and I still didn’t see it all.

But the palace buildings and ground are amazing to visit. Here is a small taste of what you will see. It was pouring with rain, but who cares?

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The palace

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The summerhouse “Gloriette” shot from the palace

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The palace from the summerhouse


Looking at one of the wings of the palace and one of the courtyards at Prague Castle.


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This is an interesting little palace that I found; literally “of the snail”. I love the quaint outside staircase winding up to the sky. I got completely lost while looking for it, resulting in an extended tour of the area, but it is such a lovely little building, tucked away in a quiet little square. I believe that it was build in 1499, so I think it is looking pretty good.

If you have the opportunity, visit this little palace off the beaten track.


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The Pape Palace is the Palace that was built when the Pope moved his court to Avignon from Rome in 1305 (more correctly – he fled a corrupt court in Rome). It is an enormous building, looking down onto a large square, which is surrounded by cafes and street musicians. The palace is still used today, now as both a function venue (there are several very large halls, filled with tapestries from the time), and also as an amphitheatre (one of the squares has had raised seating and a stage added). A wonderful self-guided walk takes you through the palace, where you can view the halls, paintings and tapestries from Medieval France.