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Vegas Strip at night

This is probably the first night-time/tripod shot that I ever took. It was in 2007, on one of the elevated walkways between the New York New York and MGM hotels. I was using my new Canon 350D and a tiny desktop tripod.

On the left is New York New York with the Brooklyn Bridge in the foreground, and on the right Paris with the Eiffel Tower in the foreground.

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Paris in Vegas

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My last post was a photo of Paris, France. Today we are looking at a very different Paris; the Paris hotel in Las Vegas. This French-themed hotel is complete with a quarter size model of the Eiffel tower that even has an elevator that will take you to the top! It was fun to visit, but nothing like like visiting the real Paris.


Still playing around with the high-contrast black and white conversions, this was taken right the other side of the world in Las Vegas. This was somebody was sleeping on a stone bench somewhere along the strip. No doubt he had nowhere else to sleep. Of course I am grateful to not be in that particular situation.


I would love some feedback on this technique. Does it work, too much, too little? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

Las Vegas at night

Vegas never sleeps! You can walk onto the strip any time of day or night, and there are people walking around, street performers and traffic.

This street performer is one of the best acrobats I have ever seen. I can only assume that he used to work for one of the Circ de Soleil shows, because he was astonishing. I could not believe the positions that he put himself into.

The strip at about 10pm on a Sunday night, note the bumper to bumper traffic. I also love the hotel on the top right; it reminds me of the matrix.

This hot air balloon is outside the Paris hotel, one of the Vegas landmarks.

These retro signs are found outside many of the casino’s. It really reminds me of the old James Bond movies.

Finally, the entrance to Bally’s Hotel. The red lighting continuously merges into different colours, so you can probably shoot whatever colour you want if you have patience.

Venetian, Las Vegas

Of all the hotels in Las Vegas, the Venetian is one of the most realistic. You can visit St Mark’s Square, walk over Rialto Bridge, and even stop in a sidewalk café for drink before dinner.

To do something a little different, I am going to post pictures of the real Venice, and the Venetian in Vegas.

Gondola’s in Vegas

Gondola’s in Venice

Just like the real Venice, you can go for a ride on a gondola,and just like in Venice, they are going to charge you for that!

Rialto Brodge, Vegas

There are however a few differences. The Rialto Bridge is a road bridge, and you can ride moving sidewalk up the bridge. And while I can’t confirm it, I suspect that the bridge in Las Vegas is much longer than in Venice.

Rialto Bridge, Venice

The water in Vegas is chlorinated, and it does not stink at low tide (ok, there are no tides in Vegas). And in Vegas St Mark’s Square is indoors, so no getting wet in the pouring rain we experienced last year in Venice.

St Mark’s Square, Vegas. This square is indoors.

St Mark’s Square, Venice

Like most places in Vegas, you probably want to walk through the hotel and perhaps have a drink at one of the café’, and get a break from the chaos and noise of the strip.

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