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Last weekend Lois and I did something unusual. We went on a street art tour of Salt River. In itself that isn’t unusual. But what was unusual is that the tour guide, Winston Fani, is blind! It literally was a case of the blind leading the blind. Winston recently received his tour-guide certification from Cape Town tourism, and he is the only blind tour guide in South Africa (and possible even in Africa).

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This mural is over 3 stories high

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The “cell phone” is directly opposite the previous mural

The tour lasted about 90 minutes, and he took us on a walk through Salt River where we went past several art studio, some little coffee shops, and some amazing street art.

If you want to find out more about his tours, or even attend (highly recommended), you can contact, tel: +27 83 234 6428.

Here are a few more photos.

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For my birthday gift, Lois bought me an Airbnb experience. It was a spice-blending masterclass, in my home city Cape Town. It was far more than just a masterclass, it included a lovely meal and conversation in somebody’s home. Our host, Paschelle, explained how different spices add different flavours to dishes, when to add spices, and she gave us lots of tips of using and blending spices for different types of food.

Cds IMG 0391

Spice selection (we used all but one of these spices).

Cds IMG 0412

11 different spices roasting, they will become garam masala once ground.

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Starters (I was so busy I neglected to get photos of the mains), for mains we had a chicken dish, a vegetarian brinjal dish, a dal, rice, poppadoms and roti. We finished off with masala tea (Paschelle is super-flexible about the menu).

In short, there was plenty of food. I don’t even usually eat brinjal, but it was so tasty I even had seconds!

Cds IMG 0396

Our host, Paschelle, who is an excellent host and cook. If you’re interested in the class, you can find it on Airbnb. Insider tip, Paschelle creates a few spice blends and masala teas to order, so maybe check with her ahead of the class if you plan on taking a stash home with you (the take-home garam masala is included in the experience price).

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I had a business function at the Silo hotel in the V&A waterfront. But I had no idea it was going to be in the Penthouse. It was a magnificent venue. The view from the top was just amazing.

I could quite happily book a few nights here, but at a list price of over USD 6000 per night, I don’t think I’ll be making a booking. But it truly is a lovely venue.

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Spotted on Palmer Road, Muizenberg. A free book exchange, just don’t take more than you leave. A lovely community initiative I think.

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Wear your mask outside your home, its the right thing to do.

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If you visit the noon day gun and are feeling energetic; why not take a walk along the trail around signil hill (its a mountain path so don’t go alone). You will be presented with a remarkable view of Greenpoint and the harbour.

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We have a tradition in Cape Town that a canon is fired from Signal Hill every single day at 12:00pm. This has been a tradition since the early 1800’s. Originally the gun was fired to signal the arrival of a ship, but now it’s just a tradition.

Running past the guns is now part of one of my new running routes, and its a really interesting place to visit. If you are there at noon you will witness the gun being fired, but you can also walk around and see the somewhat eclectic connection of old cannon on display.

The guns are also the oldest cannon in the world that are in regular use.

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I have run on Boyes Drive so many times, and I have never got board on this route. Its just amazing!

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A trip to the V&A waterfront is not complete without a trip on the Cape Wheel. The ferris wheel was installed in 2010 as a temporary attraction for the 2010 football world cup. 19 years on and it’s still in use.

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A trip takes about 40 minutes, and you have a fantastic view of the harbour, the city and the mountain. An excellent way to relax in the often busy V&A. More details are on their website

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We were on the beach for a wedding celebration with some friends, and I caught that shot of the two fishermen as the sun set into the sea.

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