After the storm

While we had a really windy night and over 12 inches of rain, we still got off very lightly, with no damage to the house, and one very brief power cut. I am looking at the footage on CNN, and there is still a lot of flooding in New York and Long Island, and lots of cleanup will no doubt be happening in the next few days. The wind is still howling, but we are clearly over the worst of the storm.

If you look at the picture above it does not look too bad, but look at the debris on the top right that was washed down the river in the night. The stream would have risen by at least 6 feet last night. You can compare with the “before” picture below.


  1. Steffi said:

    It´s great to hear you all okay after the hurrikane and with no damage to the house!I saw “Irene” at T.V. !How terrible! Take care!

    August 29, 2011
  2. Steffi said:

    Enjoy your holidays! Still 4 weeks untill A. fly to CT! She can´t wait :)!

    August 29, 2011

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