Eric the Accordion player

Cds MG 0146My Friend Eric (aka Smokkel). You can find him playing the accordion pretty much anywhere that he can, but in particular at the various village festivals around Cape Town. Eg Bastille festival in Franschhoek and the Olive Festival in Riebeek Kasteel.

From time to time you will see Eric jamming at my house (and even with me on the bass on occasion).

Cds MG 0111


  1. Steffi said:

    That´s Eric the husband of my friend Anja.????!!!I can´t believe it ;O))!My daughter visited Anja and Eric as she was in SA!And my husband was there too!They are such a nice and friendly couple.My daughter will visiting they again in sept.
    The world is an village…

    March 26, 2011
  2. Craig said:

    Yes, the very same one. But that is really strange because Eric and Anja live directly across the road from me; they are good friends of mine. When your daughter visits them we will be sure to pop across as well.

    What a small world it is.

    March 26, 2011

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