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I almost got chased by a farmer on a tracter when shooting this shot. I was driving down a back road near Puigcerda in the Pyrenees when I saw some old and broken down farm buildings.

I had to stop and investigate, and was promptly confronted by a farmer in a huge tractor demanding to know what I was doing, no doubt on his land.

Once he realized I was a crazy foreigner with a camera he decided I was not a threat and just drove off (or perhaps he went to get reinforcements; I never did find out).

So I took a few shots as quickly and got out of there just in case the reinforcements were on their way. I like this shot of the trailer, and while it still looks pretty serviceable, I like the colouring the late afternoon sun gives to the shot.

Old Trailer

HDR Travel

in the country

I saw this field while driving to Wellington the other day. I love the way the hay was rolled into those big, round bales. I would love to climb into the field and see if I can roll the bales all the way down the hill, and see how long they last. Of course that would no be very nice (and I suspect not very successful), but it is still tempting.

Cape Town

A few weeks ago I posted an HDR photo of an old framhouse in Stellenbosch. This is the same building, but this time with normal black and white processing. It is in Stellenbosch, taken on the Spier road. It looks locked up to me, but I think it could make a nice office in the country.

Cape Town