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It is a little touristy, but it is rather relaxing to explore a city riding in an elegant horse carriage. Vienna is one of the many cities where you can do so, pretending that you are the gentry being driven around the city.

In fact in Vienna they even have horse carriage rides at the Central Cemetery. The Cemetery is massive – just under 500 acres, so its not a bad idea at all.

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This is one of the things that I love about loving in Cape Town. You can goto Tokai forst, and find runners, cyclists and horse riders all sharing the same area (and genrerally getting on with each other).

Today I found all three on the same day.

Horse riders
Horse riders


Mountain biker
Mountain biker

Cape Town

A friend of mine is looking after a few horses on one of the farms in Noordhoek, and I popped over to get a few shots. While I am not really a horse person, they are beautiful animals, and make for some great shooting. And there is something nostalgic about being around horses. Here is a small example, the rest of the shoot is here.


They are all ex racehorses, and despite their frisky reputation, they were very friendly, and relaxed (probably as a result of the laid-back Noordhoek lifestyle), but they were very happy for me to wonder around them.


This horse should be renamed “Mr Sneezy”, he stuck his nose right into my camera lens, and he left it rather smeared and wet afterwards, not something that I usually have to deal with. I love the bent ear :-)


This is the only shot I managed to get of the horses trotting, they we just so chilled, being far too lazy to use any energy.

Big Boy

Just a big boy looking out and seeing what I was up to (and probably hoping for a carrot or two). If I was a cowboy, this would be my horse.

By the way, there are many farms in Noordhoek that offer out-rides on the beach, just Google “noordhoek horse riding” and you will see tons of stables offing riding to the public.

Cape Town